Client Testimonials

After dedicating myself to a year of DBT practice, I can say my entire lifestyle and thinking has evolved.  The structure of this DBT group allows each individual to learn coping skills, and effectively apply them to their daily lives. Having a variety of participants from all different background reminds you that you are not alone in the process of bettering yourself.  These DBT skills have become my second nature and it is evident that my quality of life has improved greatly.  I'm so thankful for Wendy and Diane and all of the participants in my group.  Thank you for all you've supported me through and have taught me.


DBT has been the most life-changing process for me. It gave me the vocabulary to articulate my experiences, the self-validation to accept myself as I am, and the skills to fearlessly face future challenges.  DBT affected me so profoundly that it's literally become a part of everything I do. It gave me perspective.


I came to DBT with a vulnerable sense of self. I just didn't like myself. I wanted to change, and at the same time had serious doubts about my capacity to change. It took a while, but gradually, Wendy and Diane and the group, taught me that it is not about change, but about self acceptance, and reducing suffering. It's about checking the facts, rather than acting upon unverified perceptions. It's about understanding my emotions, my vulnerabilities, rather than rejecting them. I am now close to two months after graduating from the group, so I can tell you - the skills stick. I have better relationships with my family, my co-workers. I'm more resilient to disappointments, and I can articulate my thoughts with more clarity. DBT made me a person that I would like to live with. Thank you, Diane and Wendy, for your insight and patience!


I came into group therapy with a tremendous amount of anxiety and trepidation.  I'm here to tell you that DBT works! I am a more aware, happier person. Wendy and Diane presented the concepts in a way I found to be intelligent, insightful, creative, witty, nurturing, and validating. My latest strides in personal growth have been fueled by all that the DBT Skills group offered, and all of my friends and family members have been noticing the difference. I have become effective! Thank you so much, Wendy and Diane! (Picture me doing a ‘happy dance.’)


I went into this with a vague, ragged hope of changing — myself, my life, everything, anything — so I could endure, withstand. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead, DBT and this group have guided me to ways, and my own abilities, to live. I carry these tools and they carry me through every day. One year later, I’m not a different person; I’m a kinder, wiser, stronger incarnation of the precious creature I thought had been washed away by years of suffering.


Simply put, DBT is awesome sauce! We all have learned skills to deal with emotion regulation and difficult situations, whether we know it or not. In this group each person gets to expand his or her existing skill set. I love how the course material spells out each skill and we got to discuss them extensively. I learned a whole lot about my own behavior and developed a curiosity about the behavior of other people even during conflict or a challenging situation. I committed to 14 months of DBT and with the help of this group, my individual therapist, and my psychiatrist, I was able to get through a really tough time. I use the skills every day and it really helps me remember to continue building/maintaining a life worth living. Wendy and Diane are clearly devoted to DBT and their insight and humour always made group a breeding ground for laughter!


I am sitting at a restaurant, by myself, having a nice quiet breakfast alone as I write this review of Wendy and Diane's DBT group. Two years ago I would not have understood the need for something so simple...nor would I have had the guts to sit here alone. To say DBT has changed my life is an understatement. I will forever be challenged and forever struggle with unpleasant thoughts. However being a part of this amazing group has taught me to hear these thoughts (or my "inner roommates" as we call them in DBT) and really understand where they are coming from. I can now "process" before reacting. Years of therapy and medication could not teach me the tools I've learned from DBT. Now I have tools and a support system that I can forever rely on. Thank you Wendy and Diane for being that support system and for teaching me all I know!!❤️


One year ago, I was a very different person! Today, I can honestly say that I've reduced so many of the negative thoughts and behaviors, and I actually have much more meaningful relationships. This was my first group experience, but Wendy and Diane made me feel at ease - and that's not easy.  They really helped me with my insecurities and problem solving skills. The class format is well structured with a mindful activity, diary card share, and teaching portion in a really supportive environment. Thanks to them and the other group members, I'm a more skillful person, and I have an arsenal of concrete tools and resources to better navigate life stress. I find myself giving advice and suggestions to my friends, and they are actually listening to me for once. I only wish I knew about this class sooner!


It is hard to put into words how I feel about DBT. It is a practice that has done so much for me. Not only has it improved my relationships with others and taught me how to control my emotions, but it also freed me from unnecessary suffering. After practicing it for two years, I am equipped with the skills to help myself through my darkest hours. My whole worldview has changed thanks to DBT.


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